The Women’s National Team in New York City!

One week ago today, I was reminded of why New York City is the best place to live when the Women’s National Soccer Team came!

It was the first ever Ticker Tape parade for a women’s sports team, and it was definite progress for women to finally be recognized as equal to men in sports. The Women’s National Team was incredible in the final of the World Cup, and New York City (and the world!) recognized it. It was a historical moment, and I was so lucky that my school (and where I work in the summer) is right across the street from the ending point of the parade! Although I wasn’t able to watch the parade, I could still watch the speeches at the end. Here’s a video of the parade my supervisor at Special Olympics New York took.

The area was the most crowded I have ever seen it with so many fans were swarming everywhere. People must have gotten there around 6 in the morning. Thankfully, I was able to see it from the sixth floor of my school, so I could arrive by 9 and still do my job.

Throughout the day, I checked outside every half hour to see if the team was there yet. This was my first Ticker Tape parade, and I was so excited! It was so cool to watch people in office buildings throw paper out the window. It felt a little bit like the world had gone mad, but I liked it all the same.

Finally, the soccer team arrived and sat on the stage right in front of City Hall.

Here’s a photo of them sitting on the stage.

Robin Roberts, Abby Wambach, and Mayor De Blasio spoke, and after each one, I could hear everyone’s cheers through the windows. The fan support was amazing. I hope that each soccer player knows how proud the fans of Team USA are of them.


Here are Robin Roberts and Abby Wambach on the big screen.

At the end, everyone celebrated with confetti! The wind was perfect last Friday and blew the confetti toward the Brooklyn Bridge. It blew around the windows and followed me as I walked back to the elevator. It was a perfect end to a perfect celebration. Here’s a video of the confetti.


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