My Road to Rio: Brazilian Day

Because I’m going to the Olympics in Rio in 2016 (yay for 7 tickets so far!), I’ve started preparing by learning the language, trying to figure out where to stay, and learning the culture. I don’t know a lot about Brazil besides the basics, but I’m working on it.


Last weekend, I learned that there is a Brazilian Day festival in NYC, so I went! It was on sixth avenue from around 42nd Street to Central Park. It was part street fair, part Brazilian cultural festival. There were so many people dressed in the Brazilian colors of yellow and green. They had tents selling beautiful yellow and green clothes. Tents were also selling lots of meats, Brazilian food, lemonade, and random things like cell phone cases and bowls made of chopsticks. There was also a tent where you could kick a soccer ball.




IMG_6474It was a very fun day. I saw Brazilian people dancing and singing, and I even saw Miss Brazil 2015! I met some people from a The Legion of Good Will, a nonprofit that works in Brazil and NYC and could help me in Brazil if I need it, won a t-shirt from Delta Air Lines that says “I survived Brazilian Day 2015,” and tried an arepa (I didn’t like it). Mainly, I just really loved the feeling of being immersed in a different culture.


People dancing


Miss Brazil being interviewed



An Arepa, which is kind of like a pancake corn bread

TIMG_6513he experience was amazing, and it just made me even more excited to go to Rio in 2016! The sign to the right says “Show everyone how you’re enjoying the #BRDAYNY,” and with this blog post, I just did!


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